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The location of Clearview Point provides the perfect mix of recreational and natural areas, including local shops within walking distance, designed to provide opportunities and experiences for those invested in living a full and balanced life.


Get Out and Play 

Enjoy the benefits of a year-round pass to nature’s playground, fresh air and a front-row seat to unmatched opportunities.


Spaces Created to Impress  

Unique floor plans and efficient use of space creates the perfect stage to entertain both guests and dreams.


Centrally Located   

A location that provides everything you need, including the ability to easily escape out of town.


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With shops and amenities just a stone’s throw from your front door, you can be sure your need for the finer things in life won’t go unanswered.


Get out and Play

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful bird sanctuary, Clearview Point provides easy access to the best of nature that Red Deer and surrounding Alberta has to offer. Regardless of your interests, you are sure to find everything you desire right outside your door.

Spaces Created to Impress

There’s a reason our floor plans are duplicated by other builders. We invest our efforts into discovering new and exciting ways to create Spaces for Life. The result: unique layouts that you and your loved ones will need to see to believe.



Centrally Located

Clearview Point is the perfect location for those people who split their time across Alberta, or even across the globe, and require a home that makes travel a little less stressful.  Located halfway between Edmonton and Calgary, living in Red Deer allows you to spend less time getting to where you’re going, and more time enjoying yourself there.

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Clearview Point is located in the heart of Red Deer’s newest and most attractive neighbourhood.  Its central setting makes discovering Alberta even easier, the shopping, entertainment and parks available just a short walking distance from your front door will make it so you want to stay.


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Our homes are a reflection of our care and attention to the unique utilization of space, complete with a price tag that allows buyers to purchase a home that you’ll want to share.

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Clearview Point represents a community of like-minded individuals that appreciate a living space that supports growth, improvement and unique opportunity.

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Find out more about the unique and exciting lifestyle opportunities presented by Clearview Point.

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